4Hencken, H. O'Neill. "A Long Cairn at Creevykeel, Co. Sligo." The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 2 (1939): 96.
Commenting on the prophecy that the lintel stone would be thrown down by three brothers, the author (and excavator) stated "Though the story that this stone over the entrance from the court into the Chamber once stood erect sounds very improbable, it is generally believed in the district, and it was also told by Mr. John Hannon of Creevykeel. Mr. Connelly said that "the prophecy of the stone," which he had heard since he was a boy long before it fell, was that it would be thrown down "by three brothers of the one name." About thirty years ago three brothers upset the stone. It is incidentally worth mentioning that, had the stone ever stood erect, it could have been pushed over by three men, but certainly not if it lay flat as we replaced it."