10Hencken, H. O'Neill. "A Long Cairn at Creevykeel, Co. Sligo." The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 2 (1939): 96-97.
Mr. Connelly also said that at seventeen he cut a cane from a bush near the cairn but then left it in the road. When he looked up again the cane was gone, and he finally had to go to the fair without it. The next morning he passed by the same way and saw his cane lying in the middle of the road exactly where he had left it. After that he decided not to cut bushes near the cairn. He asked what was going to be done with the stones and was pleased when told they would be replaced. He said that "anyone who touched them meaning no harm would not be harmed, but if anyone touched them meaning harm, "they" might take some form of vengeance." Mr. Connelly did not think of Creevykeel as a grave "but as a dwelling inhabited at the present time. In this regard it takes its place with forts, raths and ruins of all ages, which are the regular abode of 'the other people.'"