13Cronin, Dan. In the Shadow of the Paps. Killarney: Crede, Sliabh Luachra Heritage Group, 2001. 41-44.
The author explains, "An idea of the number of pilgrims who visited The City on a given May Day - within living memory - can be had from accurate statistics for the year 1938. On May Day of that year, the 'deerhough' or person who attended the well, filling the water into bottles etc., collected for work the sum of £29. Now, in 1938 money was scarce and hard to come by, and that figure of £29 included no paper money. The largest coin in the 'takings' was a 6d piece (sixpennies in pre-decimalization days). Then there were threepenny bits, pennies and ha'pennies. From these figures one can gauge the number of pilgrims who visited the Well on that May Day."