3Borlase, William Copeland. The Dolmens of Ireland Their Distribution, Structural Characteristics, (...). Vol. 1. London: Chapman & Hall, 1897. 1-13.
The author writes, "The cist found in Carn Thierna seems to have been of such dimensions as to justify its classification as a dolmen in a cairn." Borlase quotes Windele's manuscript in which he describes the intact urn found at Cairn Thierna: "The following was the measurement:- Height 5.4 inches; diameter at top 5.75 inches; breadth at base 3 inches;.thickness 3/16th of an inch. It was of a pale reddish colour, of unbaked [?] clay, and rudely carved with lozenges, &c. It had a conical sort of cap." Windele's engraving of the urn was found in Jewitt, Llewellynn. "Ancient Irish Art. The Fictilia of the Cairns and Crannogs." The Art Journal ns 3 (1877): 327. The engraving is captioned: "A most remarkable urn found at Cairn Thierna, county Cork (engraved in the Archaeological Journal), has its outline totally different from others and is elaborately and delicately ornamented, over almost its entire surface."