8Macrory, J.M. "Souterrain at Leitrim, Parish of Drumgooland." Ulster Journal of Archaeology Second 12.2 (1907): 70-72.
"This region of South Down, once part of the princely patrimony of the Magennis family, so far as the antiquary is concerned, is almost an untrodden field. Here abound rath and dun, cromleac and cistvaen, sculptured Celtic cross and pillar stone, cashel and crannog, ruined castle and carn, souterrain and ancient burying-place-objects which fire the imagination and gladden the heart of the archaeologist, arousing inspiration for a dreaming of the 'dim and dateless past.' Here, amongst a people most obliging and courteous in manner, the belief in the power of blessings and maledictions, in apparitions and banshees, in fairies and witches, in myths and dreams, in spectres and spells, in charms and elf-shooting, and in good and bad luck, still obtains to a greater or less extent. Old faiths and customs or usages die hard in a community which has had an unlimited stock of wonderful traditions, handed down from generation to generation, from the far-off past, whose imagination pictures even natural occurrences, if at all out of the range of comprehension, as the work of some direct supernatural agency. The lover of things and ways of other days must in a large measure regret the passing of that indescribable charm associated with the folk-lore of a highly imaginative, interesting, and romantic people."