20Hugh Frazer of Dromore, Co. Down (1795–1865) executed this large (2.5m x 1.7m) oil painting, "The Battle of Clontarf," in 1826. Traditional details of the scene he incorporated into the work include the elderly Brian Boru observing the battle from his tent, and the single combat of his son Murchad with Jar Sigurðr. The High King's tent may be said to resemble the Trinity College Harp, also known as Brian Boru's Harp.
For three decades, until the fall of 2013, the painting was hanging in the Isaacs Art Centre in Hawaii. It was purchased by the private equity firm Kildare Partners and returned to Ireland just in time for the millennium events of 2014. During this time the painting was exhibited to the public at the Casino in Marino, just north of Dublin.
For the Zoomify feature on the Voices from the Dawn page, the image file of the painting was digitally extrapolated to a higher resolution.