16Harris, Dorothy C. "Saint Gobnet; Abbess of Ballyvourney." The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 8.2 (1938): 273-75.
A carved head, known as the "Black Thief,' is likely the voussoir or keystone from an earlier Romanesque structure. It is installed at the top of the arch leading to the high altar inside the ruined mid-sixteenth century medieval church. This may be noted in the VR tour by rotating the view upwards while inside the church, or seen in more detail here. Local lore says this is a workman who stole his co-worker's tools. His face was carved in stone to as a punishment. (O'Kelly, Michael J. "St Gobnet's House, Ballyvourney, Co. Cork." Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society 57 (1952): 36.)