1O'Brien, Matthew. "Fairy Forts." Personal interview. 1 July 1979.
It is interesting that Mr. O'Brien's comment about the legendary visibility of one "fairy fort" from another ("If you stand on one there, you can see two more all around you.") is corroborated by the research of Matthew Stout, who found that "The location of ringforts was such that the occupants of one ringfort would have been in visual contact with as many as seventeen of their neighbours." (Stout, Matthew. The Irish Ringfort. Dublin: Four Courts, 1997.19-20.)
Twenty years after we recorded the interview with Matty O'Brien we returned to visit with his family. Mr. O'Brien was deceased, but his grandchildren, who had never heard his voice, were eager to read his stories on our laptop. A photograph of this visit may be seen here. In 2012, a virtual O'Brien family reunion took place when links to the recordings were posted on Facebook.