49Burl, Aubrey. The Stone Circles of the British Isles. New Haven: Yale UP, 1976. 7.
Christopher Chippindale wrote: "Of wider interest is the attitude speculative archaeologists adopt, as 'the conscious initiators of a new sacred and mythopoeic world view'; they look back to ancient masters, sensitive to earth forces and aware of cosmic vision, who managed technically brilliant works in stone without disturbing ecological balances: 'they lived an immensely simply organic existence which was more related to a "monastic" or "zen" understanding of man's relation to the biosphere and which was dictated by very limited "worldly" ambitions.' That has an attraction as an alternative to consuming materialism, cold science, and shattering of the environment." (Chippindale, Christopher. Stonehenge Complete. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1983. 247. The author is quoting William Irwin Tompson and Keith Crichlow.)