2Westropp, T.J. "A Study of the Fort of Dun Aengusa in Inishmore, Aran Isles, Galway Bay: Its Plan, Growth, and Records." Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature 28 (1910): 34.
He writes, "An unrestored fort is its own record; but, to one who recalls the weird chaos of ruin-heaps in 1878, and contrasts it with the neat, level-topped enclosures left by the restorers six years later, the old descriptions, no matter how rude, assume a great importance, and should be laid before one's readers." Westropp continues on p. 45: "The unnecessary rebuilding and levelling up of parts of the walls and the "tidy" and new appearance thereby produced, show how desirable it was that the work should have been constantly under the supervision and direction of an antiquary who had studied our ring-walls carefully. Left to non-antiquaries and the natives, the work was of course done unsympathetically, like repairing a fence…"