15Westropp, T.J. "A Study of the Fort of Dun Aengusa in Inishmore, Aran Isles, Galway Bay: Its Plan, Growth, and Records." Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Section C: Archaeology, Celtic Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature 28 (1910): 1-2.
He writes, "Of all the early forts of Ireland we may say that only one has appealed to the imagination, and even to the affection, of the nation, as a building, and become, with most antiquaries, the type and symbol of the countless similar structures, all subordinate to it in interest. At Emania and Tara it is the sentiment and tradition, not the remains, that so appeal ; but at Dun Aengusa the site and the building affect even the coolest mind as no place of mythic or historic association could do."