Uisneach Findings Plate XVIII
Lower Quern-Stone. Wedge-Shaped Fragment. Small Sickle. Pin (?). Catch-End of a Fibula. Part of a Harness (?). Ring of a Penannular Brooch. Quartz Pebble. Ringed Iron Bar. Small Socketed Sickle. Crucible Bottom (?). Part of Harness (?). Ornamental Object. Bent Ring. Looped Pin. Metal Skewer (?). Bone Pin. Half of Socketed Knife. Bone Needle.

Lower Quern-Stone.

Lower quern-stone; more or less flat and roughly circular disc, with a conical depression in the centre of one side. Diameter of the largest of these (not shown), found on the central ridge of the Central Section, 2'. Drawn half scale.

Wedge-Shaped Fragment.

Wedge-shaped fragment, remains of a socket at the butt-end, 2¾'' long.

Small Sickle.

A small sickle, socketed; length of this larger and more perfect example, 4", breadth of the blade ¼".

Pin (?).

Pin (?), point broken off, the present end thick and club-shaped; the butt curved into a loop of the conventional "shepherd's crook" shape.

Catch-End of a Fibula.

Triangular catch-end of a large La Tène fibula of the Third Period. Found on the floor of the Western Annexe-chamber in the Eastern House. Length 2¾".

Part of a Harness (?).

Object of uncertain use (? part of harness) consisting of two pins in line with one another, connected by a O-shaped piece. Length 4½".

Ring of a Penannular Brooch.

Ring of a penannular brooch with triangular expansions, from the filling of the Inner Ditch. Diameter 1¼".

Quartz Pebble.

Quartz pebble; these were found throughout the site—more than could be accounted for by natural causes. They are mostly more or less ovoid or disc-shaped, and much water-worn. In a few places small pockets of them were discovered—a collection of nine or ten together. Some few were chipped roughly, possibly with intention.

Ringed Iron Bar.

A ring 2⅜" in external diameter, being a circular loop made of an iron bar, circular in section, 3/16 " in diameter. Upon this ring a second ring is looped, the free ends of which are expanded, prolonged, and turned outward, being so placed that they could secure between them the end qf a thong of leather.

Small Socketed Sickle.

A small sickle, socketed.

Crucible Bottom (?).

An irregular fragment, much corroded, the upper surface concave, possibly the bottom of a crucible. 5¼'' by 5¼'' by 2".

Part of Harness (?).

Object in shape resembling a tuning-fork with the free ends conjoined; possibly some part of a suit of harness. Length 3¾".

Ornamental Object.

Ornamental S-shaped object, 2¾" long.

Bent Ring.

Ring, bent into a dice-box shape. Length 2¾".

Looped Pin.

Pin, 3" long (tip broken off), looped at the upper end; a bronze ring ¾" in diameter secured in the loop. From the filling of the Inner Ditch.

Metal Skewer (?).

Object resembling a metal skewer, with a ring-head; triangular blade, ½" broad just under the ring, tapering to a point. Bent into a hook. Length 4⅝''.

Bone Pin.

Pin of polished bone, notched (not broken) at the butt end. Length 4⅞".

Half of Socketed Knife.

Object resembling the lower half of a socketed knife, broken off about the middle of the blade. One rivet-hole in the socket. There is also a rivet-hole just at the line of fracture. Length 4".

Bone Needle.

Needle made of a slender pointed bone, a perforation (broken) at the butt-end. Length 3¾".