Uisneach Findings Plate XIX
Butt-end of a flat spade. Tanged knife. Knife, the tang bent. Tanged knife. Tanged knife. Tang and half the blade of a knife. Pin of a fibula. Flat rectangular bar. Fragment of a spur. Horseshoe. Lamina. Fragment of a holdfast. Penannular brooch Tanged knife. Two Sword Scabbards. Iron Spearhead. Hook. Limestone Disc. Nodule of Limestone. Rod, with knob on tip. Hook-bent Bar. Curved Bar.

Butt-end of a flat spade.

Butt-end of a flat spade of the “loy” type, with a broad flat socket formed by turning up the corners. Present length 7¼", breadth 4⅝''. Found in the "grave" in the Eastern House.

Tanged knife.

Tanged knife, tip broken off; length 6⅛".

Knife, the tang bent.

Knife, the tang bent so as to form a loop with the lower part of the blade. Length 4¾". From the "grave" in the Eastern House.

Tanged knife.

Tanged knife, 4" long.

Tanged knife.

Tanged knife, 3¾" long.  Also another, same size.

Tang and half the blade of a knife.

Tang and half the blade of a knife, 2⅞" long.

Pin of a fibula.

Pin of a fibula, hooked at one end, broad and flat at the other. Length 2¾".

Flat rectangular bar.

Flat rectangular bar, bent at right angles at one end, looped at the other. Part of a door-hinge (?). Length 9½'', breadth ⅞".

Fragment of a spur.

Fragment of a spur, the heel-piece 2¾'' across, the prick 1" long.


Horseshoe, retaining two nails, 3¾'' long, 4¼'' across; breadth of metal 1⅛''.


A lamina, bent into a channel and curved; perhaps the turned-over lip of a bronze vessel. Length of chord, 2¼".

Fragment of a holdfast.

Fragment of a 0-shaped holdfast, 3" long.

Penannular brooch

A penannular brooch with small expansions ornamented with sinkings on the side not shewn in the drawing : the pin lost. Found in the filling of the Inner Ditch. Diameter 1".

Tanged knife.

Tanged knife, 3¼" long, the tip broken off.

Two Sword Scabbards.

Fragments of the upper ends of two sword-scabbards, along with portions of the wooden handle of a sword. Much corroded. The mouth of the scabbard is formed in each case with a wire, bent to shape, round which are lapped the ends of the iron plates forming the scabbard sides. Found in chamber “d” of the Eastern House."

Iron Spearhead.

Socket-end of an iron spearhead; found in the Central Section. Length 3¾".


Bar tapering at both ends from a section ¼" square in the middle. Bent at both ends into a hook, in planes at right angles to each other. Found in the tumulus on Mweelra townland.

Limestone Disc.

A four sided disc of limestone, ½'' thick, and 2¼" X 1½'': on one side a sinking, through the bottom of which two holes are drilled, counter­sunk on the side with the sinking. This object is perhaps modern.

Nodule of Limestone.

A conical hollow nodule of limestone, resembling a crucible, which seems to have been used for this purpose. Height 1⅞''.

Rod, with knob on tip.

Rod, square in section, tapering, with a small knob on the tip; bent into a hook. Broad end fractured. Present length 1¾".

Hook-bent Bar.

A similar object to the hook above, of smaller size : one of the hooks broken off. Length 2⅝''.

Curved Bar.

Curved bar, cylindrical in section, length of chord 3⅞".